Corthay @ Bel Air《See you at Cabana Cafe Beverly Hills Hotel 7.15 pm》Collection

Corthay Bel Air《See you at Cabana Cafe Beverly Hills Hotel 7.15 pm》collection inspired by dancing shoes in the pouring rain of Hollywood in the 20’s … Coup-de-theatre under the boiling sun of Mongibello… The moccasin was made famous by Fred Astaire in ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and Alain Delon in ‘Plein Soleil’. It is a symbol of a casual elegance, subtle and discreet, whilst modern and timeless. The moccasin is the ‘must have’ for the perfect gentleman. Today, Maison Corthay expands its offer and reveals the ‘Bel Air.’ ‘Bottier contemporain’, two words which resonate and encompass the ancestral know-how from the guild of the Compagnons du Devoir as well as the modernity of Maison Corthay.
In 1990 Pierre Corthay embarked on his entrepreneurial adventure and founded Maison Corthay, in the heart of Paris, at 1, rue Volney close to Place Vendôme. Twenty-three years later, Pierre has chosen to pay a tribute to those, like him, who have always had a taste for risk, entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to create a new world. Inspired by the image of the ‘self made-man’, Maison Corthay reveals its interpretation of the ‘Pioneer’ and introduces the ‘Bel Air’, a contemporary and versatile mocassin.
Goodyear-welted, designed to ensure the shoes are durable and truly water-tight, the ‘Bel Air’ is both sharp and sleek. With hints and inspiration from the slim lines of the Massaï – a bespoke model from Maison Corthay which is famous for its comfort. The ‘Apron’ allows a combination of calf, suede and patent leathers. It is possible to choose between the traditional leather sole, an extra light rubber sole or the new personalised Corthay rubber sole.
Following a collaboration with French artisans, Maison Corthay has worked with one of the last compression moulds manufacturer from the ‘Auvergne’ region, in Central France. This new rubber sole is a subtle blend of natural rubber and silica. This combination enhances comfort, flexibility, durability and quality. To make it even more ‘Corthay’, the rubber sole is decorated with the emblematic star of the Maison… Along with being embossed on the sole, the star also features on the corner of the strap. A further clin d’oeil from the French artisans, this pays tribute to the stars on Hollywood Boulevard.
The Corthay pioneer is courageous, active and is always up for a challenge. He embraces the famous quote from the former Massachusetts Senator and President of the United States : ‘Do not pray to have easy lives, pray to be stronger men’. Notwithstanding, the Corthay self-made man is no less pragmatic or discreet. As an aesthete, Corthay man plays with the rules and secretly dreams of the ‘Bigger Splash’ illustrated by David Hockney.
Maison Corthay has created a versatile mocassin, talented and resourceful. The neighbourhood of Bel Air, well known for the Beverly Hills Hotel, its designer houses and Rodeo Drive, is the place where businessmen, intellectuals and artists come together; contracts, theories and jokes are exchanged. Along with Clive, Nick, Tim and Randy, Maison Corthay is expecting you on the terrace of Café Cabana. 

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