DR. MARTENS @ SS2013 Collection

DR. MARTENS SS2013 Airwair Collection dipping into the archive for inspiration from the watershed 1990s Open Airwair product. The Shore style are a clear descendant of our classic Open AirWair range, but here the solid, chunky look has been sharply contemporized by a mixture of acid pastel colours, experimental detailing and innovative cuts. 
The very flattering Clarissa sandal is presented in the sparkling Acid tones of the Patent Lamper, for the less self-conscious customer to provide a bold fashion statement. For those wanting an even bolder look, the Liza studded sandal (with matching outsole on the pink version) is one of the most unique sandal styles in the market, delivered with defiant Dr. Martens flavor, particularly in the Silver Mora leather.
The Crafted collection prides itself on using the very finest materials combined with long-established manufacturing techniques. This is never more apparent than with this new Spring Summer range, where Dr. Martens have proudly teamed up with two of the finest cloth and silk manufacturers in the UK. The navy silk wrapped around the 3-Eye Percy Shoe is supplied by Stephen Walters and Sons, who have been in the silk trade since 1720, making them one of the oldest silk mills in Europe.
This exquisite level of craftsmanship is also found in the Superfine Merino material offered on the 3989 Anilmorbido Brogue Shoe. This very traditional cloth is supplied by Martin Sons & Co. of Huddersfield, who is world-renowned for their English woolens and silk twists, dating back to 1840. The metallic tones of the Anilmorbido leather on the Brogue styles hint at the shoes industrial heritage while placing them firmly in the fashion-forward consumer’s mind. All the products within the Crafted range are produced in England, made at the Dr. Martens factory in Wollaston, Northamptonshire.
  For women, the lustrous two-tone Arcadia leather is a take on the classic Dr. Martens colours but a result of a very labour intensive and meticulous process in the shoe room, it is darkened down and given a sophisticated rub-down effect. The Fringe Loafer and Wingtip Fringe Shoe and Boot all benefit from Arcadia’s luxuriant finish, while the tweaking of these classic lines with new fringe detailing creates a formal yet feminine look.
The tri-colour Elizabeth Wingtip Fringe Shoe, the metallic tones are added to the classic Cherry Red as well as a strong silver leather too, creating a very brash collaboration – topped off with flamboyant tri-coloured fringe detailing. The Multi Houndstooth fabric wrapped around the 8-Eye Beckette and the tailored stripes found on the 3-Eye Lester Shoe are again supplied by renowned silk manufacturer Stephen Walters and Sons. All of these products sit on slender lasts and delicate welts which have been built with the female consumer in mind, allowing this segment to offer a compelling fusion of dazzling hues and feminine lines.

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