Finding Mr. Right 北京遇上西雅圖

The Chinese title of this movie is rather deceiving - "Beijing Meets Seattle" made it sounds like a cheap comedy as well as the main movie poster design not really inviting. However, the English title <Finding Mr. Right> is indeed straight to the point and telling you what the movie's message to deliver. This serendipity draws inspiration from <Sleepless in Seattle> and making its way from Seattle to the Empire State Tower in New York. Tang Wei's vulnerable role with her effortless charisma is no doubt another breakthrough for her filmography by playing a materialistic prima donna yet pregnant woman who came to Seattle to give birth to the child of her rich and married lover in Beijing and eventually finding her own Mr. Right. The film reflects the current trend from of the mainland Chinese going to give birth in the United state and to obtain the US citizenship. To many, it is not very unusual that how the mainland Chinese worshiping money , with such topic being made into a movie and with a successful well responded by their very own nation is another surprise or mileage attainable  in China's film market. This light hearted rom-com somehow hits us and delivering a message to everyone of us onto something that we are in search in our life has yet to be found but was actually already around life at all times. The trailer did have some deleted scene from the actual movie that we watch and perhaps, we could find our more behind it when the DVD releases.

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