Wellendorff Ring of the Year 2013 @ Angel of Joy

The year 2013 has a very important significance for Wellendorff: it marks the 120th anniversary of the company, which has stayed true to its values since 1893. The “Angel of Joy” thereby conveys the message of a successful tradition in which traditional values – the highest quality and exceptional goldsmith work – merge together with the individual feeling of each and every wearer. Security and love, trust and devotion – all of this is reflected in the little face of an angel, nestled into a protective hand. The miniature figurine in gold is the focal point of the Ring of the Year 2013 “Angel of Joy” by jewellery manufacturer Wellendorff. This limited piece of jewellery expresses deep emotion and proves the high quality of the craftsmanship cultivated by Wellendorff. Angels can protect, accompany and bring people together: in its latest collection entitled Angel`s Wings the German jewellery manufacturer Wellendorff expresses the idea of beneficent powers that occasionally guide us in life and love. A subject that the limited Ring of the Year 2013 is also focusing on: revealing itself between stylised wing motifs is a protective hand, in which a small angel is nestled. With closed eyes and a gentle smile on its face it rests between delicate rose-coloured and white iridescent enamel.

The expressiveness of the miniature golden angel is fascinating and reveals the quality of the craftsmanship so cherished by the family-run company from Pforzheim. On the one hand, pronounced sculptural skills are required to create the gentle facial expressions on the little face of the angel. And on the other, technical skills are needed for its perfect incorporation into the ring. The angel figure inside the hand is surrounded by golden elements inspired by the shape of angel wings. These embellishments are engraved by hand in three layers into the gold and filled up in several layers with enamel. Additional details typical of Wellendorff are the perfectly crafted inner ring that rotates independently of the ring body and the diamond-shaped knurled relief framing the inner ring. Like all pieces of jewellery by Wellendorff, the ring is adorned with the company’s logo, a diamond-studded “W”. With the limited-edition Ring of the Year 2013 Wellendorff is continuing its success story: since 1997 a different design has been presented annually with each model focusing on a specific theme. Over the years a circle of admirers and collectors has evolved who look forward to each new Ring of the Year with great excitement and anticipation.

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