HARBOUR CITY @ Love is All Around

Harbour City always throws a surprise for their shoppers of their creative and overwhelmed Christmas decoration to enjoy the festive and celebrate the magic of the holiday season with family and friends. This Christmas revolving the theme of “Love & Romance”, beside the classic Christmas joy through an impressive merry-go-round alongside reindeer, white horses and rabbits. For the very first time, Harbour City built a 360 degree Christmas fantasy world with lots of lights and colorful ribbons. This is one of the best Christmas decoration in town ever!

With “Love is All Around @ Harbour City” as a theme, the 50m long decoration which stretches from Harbour City to the 5-flags pole (almost the entrance to the Ferry Terminal). The 360 degree Christmas decoration is decorated with both sides of the Ocean Terminal forecourt with merry-go-round, reindeer, white horses, rabbits and a lot of colorful light bulbs. There are a lot of red and white huge balloons floating in the air creating a very romantic atmosphere. With the beautiful Victoria Harbour as a background, during the day time, this is definitely a fantasy land for families; at night, it immediately transforms into a romantic world for lovers. Every corner of the Christmas decoration is a photo opportunity, plus a photo opportunity with the white horses with a donation of HK$20 to the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation to spend this Christmas with a good cause.
It is never a dull moment spending Christmas in Harbour City.

 The Fantasy begins at Harbour City
The romance capture every one's heart
The magic makes your dreams comes true and
The endless surprises awaits.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2013.

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