Diesel Fragrance @ 2012 Christmas Journey

Diesel presents a limited edition LOVERDOSE and ONLY THE BRAVE TATTOO hiding in the Christmas gift box.  Implement of the brand extraordinary creative interpretation, the packing of this year’s gift set is inspired by the bundles of banknotes. These limited editions are perfect for treating others (and yourself) under the Christmas tree.  <LOVEDROSE> is a multi -faceted glass heart with an impalpable colour, using precious glass with ever-shifting pink-amethyst highlights, pierced by a black dagger, that is the LOVERDOSE bottle, an object of bold femininity.  An original creation you can stand up straight or tilt in three different positions. In addition to a sexy, carnal perfume, a spellbinding essence that makes the woman who wears it irresistible, and the man who comes near her fall madly in love.  A new, subversive, unexpected women’s perfume.  A true DIESEL signature.
 <ONLY THE BRAVE TATTOO>  for MEN The clenched fist, a symbol of assurance and determination, contains all the strength of a captivating, seductive, trend-setting fragrance. The bright white letters emblematic of Mister Cartoon's unique style and penchant for noble, sharp-edged typographical tattoos sign the mysterious, powerful bottle. They look as though they've been inked into the glass and, like tattoos on skin, recall all the richness of a life's path. The original ONLY THE BRAVE TATTOO is about a meeting, a confrontation and a friendship between two men with different styles and personalities but the same values: Rebelliousness, Brave and Self-Assertion.

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