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GEORG JENSEN - The master of Danish silversmith founded in 1904 held an exhibition in Hong Kong recently entitled Georg Jensen The Sterling Silver Ambassador Collection Exhibitionshowcasing its masterly craftsmanship that has impressed the royal family and the world more than a century ago. Anne Mette Müller-Krogstrup, the Head of Silerware International together with one of GEORG JENSEN's up and coming silversmiths, Emil Borregaard told mylifestylenews the evolution of the brand's sterling classics and share tips on how to furnish a sophisticated Scandinavian home with regal charm......

Georg Jensen was founded in Denmark in 1904 and it has been one of the very few silversmiths serving the royal family, and now operates over 100 stores in 12 countries.

Originally, a silversmith specialised in silver hollowware and jewellery, founder Georg Jensen blended his brilliant design, superior craftsmanship and outstanding quality in a wide range of gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewellery, watches, cutlery and hollowware.

Today, the brand even presents artistic silver pieces for homes and offices. Its simple and truly an elegant Scandinavian style that has been favoured by millions around the world and is considered one of the most recognised Danish brands in the world.

Georg Jensen "The Sterling Silver Ambassador Collection Exhibition" unveils a curated selection of over 100 magnificentworks by Georg Jensen, totalling over HK$20 million.

We are here to introduce the brand’s sterling classics and share tips on how to furnish a sophisticated Scandinavian home with regal charm. Our Skilled artisans Emil Borregaard is also here to demonstrate the brand’s unique, legendary craftsmanship.

The exhibition encompassing styles from Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Functionalism, to Modernism, the silver pieces are unified in their ability to speak to the heart. Each of these objects resonates with the integrity of our founder and those masterful artist-craftsmen who followed in his footsteps.
By celebrating this meaningful event, we also launched the limited edition of The miniature Magnolia Collection, displaying the very essence of excellence in sterling miniature design and craftsmanship that speak of the Atelier’s timeless elegance.

Inspired by the natural beauty of magnolia, The Magnolia Collection is the most thoroughly Art Nouveau creation of Georg Jensen that fully captures the perennial joy of a spring day and epitomises ultimate beauty and unrivalled craftsmanship.

The miniature Magnolia Collection was a commissioned set created for an American collector in 1940. Yet affected by the shortage of materials after WWII, we could only produce two miniature sets.
To reproduce this sophisticated artistry, we present 30 limited edition tea ware sets at this Exhibition in Hong Kong at a price of HK$5,000 each. The original mark used in 1933 to 1944 on the bottom of the silverware also makes the collection even more precious.

The miniature Magnolia Collection features an exquisite teapot, creamer and sugar bowl. The magnolia bud finial on the lid captures elegant beauty, complemented by the legs with engraved shells.
The delicate hammer marks, a characteristic of Georg Jensen, highlight the layers and unique texture that manifest the master’s talent for bringing natural landscape and bouquet to life in silver, offering endless fascinating surprises.


Upholding its vision in achieving true perfection, Georg Jensen has earned its irreplaceable status in the world of sterling silverware and craftsmanship with its artistic silver pieces.

Georg Jensen’s simple and elegant Scandinavian style has been favoured by millions around the world and is considered as one of the most recognised Danish brands.

One of the main highlights from the exhibition is the Jardinière garden fruit bowl (No. 1397). It is an interpretation based on an original drawing by Georg Jensen in 1926. The design has never been put into production until 2011, when five highly-skilled silversmiths brought the treasured drawing to the Silversmith in Copenhagen. 
With exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated artistry, this 20th century classic hollowware is made into a real object.

Beside the exploration of Art Nouveau and Functionalis, limited-edition miniature Magnolia Collection, The Grape Collection designed by Georg Jensen debuted in 1918 also being showcased as well asThe Pyramid Collection by Harald Nielsen representing Art Deco.

Georg Jensen is the very essence of excellence in sterling silver design and craftsmanship, and the Ambassador Collection epitomizes its enduring elegance.

It is Intended to be passed on from one generation to the next, these are pieces whose value increases over time.

The Ambassador Collection also present elite works like Georg Jensen’s timeless Grape Collection, Sigvard Bernadotte’s sophisticated Bernadotte Collection, Henning Koppel’s Collection and Modernism pieces. 

With over 100 sterling silver works, each handcrafted in Copenhagen over a century ago, these pieces are the true representation of timeless luxury.

The Star piece is the Jardinaiere Collection and it is the inspiration from the Paris summer house in 1926. The fruit bowl with integrated flower vase in the centre and two flower sections on each inner side. There are also many archives have yet to be discovered from Georg Jensen had left behind. 

We would like not only to promote the brand as one of the master in silverware by our craftsmanship but also the authenticity, the value of the intregrity and the brand's rich heritage in silverware production.

For Taiwan being one of our biggest market in Asia, as well as Australia, USA and United Kingdom. George Jensen is like a peice of jewelry in the house for them. They understand the value of integrity and the understated yet minimalist design and at the same time expecting the best quality. It simply add life and elegance to the house.

 "My favorite possesion is one of the ring passing on from my grandmother and my saxaphone.
My ideal living lifestyle is to love and ideally to be loved."
- Anne Mette Müller-Krogstrup.
GEORG JENSEN's silversmith Emil Borregaard showing
the correct way of cutting a silver pendant.

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