MO Bar @ Ice Ping Guo

MO Bar resident mixologist at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental created “Ice Ping Guo (Ice apple)” consisting of traditional and delicious Christmas ingredients, such as apple, cinnamon, spicy and dark rum, all mixed and ice shaken together. Served in an unconventional leg-less martini glass on top of dry ice and flavoured with a rosemary branch, this cocktail will surely hit all your senses. The idea was inspired by LANDMARK shopping mall's Christmas theme of "Zero Degrees" and the cocktail has the perfect balance between sweet and sour, with apple, cinnamon and spicy rum warming up the Christmas spirits yet deliciously served at sub-zero degrees – this is the perfect drink for the festive season!
1 spoon of poached-then-baked granny smith apple
40ml spicy rum
40ml dark rum
25ml cloudy apple juice
10ml apple & cinnamon syrup
3 dash of baked apple bitter
All ingredients are ice shake together, and then strained into a leg-less martini glass. If you ever thought of the science behind the Christmas cocktails you are enjoying, the water turns into ice at zero degrees, and if the ice is shaken with your drink, the coldness inhibits your tongue’s taste receptors, making the drink more palatable.  For this reason, ice deserves more than a little attention in the world of mixology. It is all about the creative ideas for Christmas.

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