CHAUMET @ The Colours of Emotion

CHAUMET introduces the Colours of Emotion A fabulous destiny encouraged by exceptional special orders; from the wedding gift offered by Napoléon I to the Empress Marie-Louise, to the magnificent platinum and diamond tiara given by the Duchesse de Doudeauville in 1919 to her daughter for her marriage to the Prince Sixte de Bourbon-Parme. This artful expression of the language of romance has been nurtured by Chaumetalong the years and the collections.
 In 2012, following the success of the Joséphine tiara ring with a pear-cut diamond which has acquired the status of an iconic engagement ring, Chaumet presents new creative rings in the collection. The Joséphine engagement rings are now also adorned with coloured stones: a green tourmaline, a rubellite, a sapphire, a ruby or an emerald. Rings that are pledges of commitment, rings of love.

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