Roger Vivier Prismick @ A Walk on The Chic Side

Roger Vivier "Prismick, a walk on the chic side", through the evolution of a  unique photographic project celebrates this new embodiment of the Maison identity : the second edition of Prismick bags and shoes. Historically, Roger Vivier enjoyed creating collages in geometric patterns - Poetic looks for stylised paper shoes. Today, Bruno Frisoni, Creative Director of the Maison, reactivates the master's art of collage, infiltrating it with a contemporary, architectural touch and craftsman skills – rare luxury. He gives life to Prismick, this new signature that explores vibrant geometry and 3D sculptured volume. Five bags and six shoe designs determine this new venture, rooting Roger Vivier firmly as an "accessories maison".
"Prismick, a walk on the chic side" presents in each Roger Vivier boutique, a photographic exhibition of about thirty women, all friends of the Maison, living in the great capitals of the world. They are Kennis Tai, Dee Poon, Emily Lam, Masha Gu, Wendy Ye, Zhu Shuang and Tiffany Zhang. Self styled by each woman in her own inimitable way, the Prismick collection of bags and shoes become a manifesto of elegance, a new aesthetic.
From the private sphere to the dreamlike emotion of elsewhere, "Prismick, a walk on the chic side" plays on our imagination, capturing an attitude, an allure, a look and consecrates as its common denominator, the relevance of ultra-contemporary design in the Prismick collection. And beyond? For the duration of the “Prismick, a walk on the chic side” Exhibition, a limited edition travel carnet with an exclusive list of the favourite, secret addresses of each of our Prismick Women will be offered to loyal clients and Maison friends.

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