ARTĒ @ Echo Heart Collection for Christmas

ARTĒ launched its newest Echo Heart collection delicately crafted with heart-shape stones to capture the heart of your loved ones. Indeed, another options for the ths Xmas shopping. The Echo Heart collection underlines simple and clean silhouettes, which exudes pureness and prodigious aura. This elegant and delicate collection is embellished with a spectacle of Christmas colours, such as rose gold plated material to complement the jewels. Tiny white stones envelope each jewel to foment an extra dash of opulence. Another highlight is the moveable heart-shape stone, which sways gracefully with the wearer’s movements. A woman’s splendour is further elevated with the scintillating refinement from this collection.
 The heart-shape stone cutting technique is the most intricate in jewellery making. Symmetry, integrity and balanced ratio are critical elements to sculpting a perfect heart-shape stone. After years of research and development, ARTĒ has managed to produce a flawless heart-shape stone with paramount refraction effect. In addition, our exceptional craftsmanship in prong setting techniques allows each stone to exuberate the preeminent radiance and scintillating effect from each white stone.
The heart-shape stone symbolizes a romantic moment where lovers express their most sincere and purest love to each other. This collection is created to move a woman’s heart, making it the perfect gift for the upcoming festivity. The Echo Heart collection features a selection of pendants, earrings and rings which are available in rose gold colour or silver plated bases.

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