The World’s First MARC JACOBS Iconic Showpiece Exhibition Debuts in Hong Kong

The world’s first “Marc Jacobs Iconic Showpiece Exhibition” debuts in Hong Kong recently showcasing the brand's iconic showpieces. The exhibition, spanning over 6 months presented in three stages, where Marc Jacobs’ trend-setting designs will be exhibited in the first 2 stages, and his extraordinarily remarkable advertising campaigns over the years will be featured in the last.

Hailed as one of the most talented fashion geniuses, Marc Jacob’s designs echo his twisted and versatile personality, pushing the boundaries to deliver avant-garde surprises to the world every season. Curated by Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy, Marc’s partner and also the co-founder of the brand, “Marc Jacobs Iconic Showpiece Exhibition” presents a carefully selected range of the most emblematic designs from the 2005 spring summer collection to the current 2012AW collection. The 24 impressive Marc Jacobs designs lead us into a fashion journey where we can explore and delve into the brand's aesthetic while celebrating its present glories.

Having been awarded with some of the highest honors including Design Student of the Year when he was at the renowned Parson’s School of Design, Marc Jacob’s exuberant creativity allows him to constantly set new benchmarks for the world’s fashion trend. SS2005, Marc Jacobs was among the first to use supersaturated and eye-delight tones in the same outfits, creating a candy-color fever that has not gone out of the trend even up till today. AW2005, Marc Jacobs created the experimental voluminous dress with a nubby, blown-up silhouettethat was referred by many as an avant-garde and pioneering design.
 In SS2006, Themed around the American teen college look, the finale featured a silvery prom party dress with tiers of lace dangling to the floor that transcended the audience back to their school day fantasies. AW2006, The day look oozed elements of grunge with strapless dresses and puffy pants, while the evening look was utterly gorgeous with metallic sequin dresses and the likes. This collection fully showed how versatile & unexpected Marc Jacobs is in his work.
In SS2007, There was a certain romance to this collection, with a palette consisted of white, cream, black and grey for contrast. The drop-waist tiered lace and silk dresses added a touch of billow and softness. AW2007, Set in a French ambience, the collection featured multicolored knit crowns, satin and jersey shirtdresses and knee-length skirts, turning women into proper ladies with bourgeois sensibility.
In SS2008, With a bonkers surrealist streak running through the whole collection such as an underwear-decorated georgette slipdresses, pumps protruded from the ball of the foot, this season’s design speaks of a fascinating and humorous story that Marc Jacobs was so good at telling. AW2008, Marc Jacobs summed up this collection with a few words – calm, glamour, casual and beautiful women. The preppy narrow shorts, thigh-length bomber and the likes all suggested masculinity well balanced, a true example of clean and classic collection that could withstand the test of time.
In SS2009, This season was a lesson in American history - fashion, feminist and social. Showpieces that include bustles, ruffled suffragette skirts, forties’ power-shouldered pant suits all worked beautifully together, celebrating the sophistication found in modern women. AW2009, Reminiscing the good old days in New York, Marc Jacobs pumped up the show with neon-hued, big-shouldered and crimpy-haired eighties look. Silver and black A-line skirts, part dresses in metallic leathers, velvet bustier tops and high-waisted over-dyed jeans all reminded us that getting dressed was such a divine joy.
InSS2010, This season was a trip to the theater, ballet and opera. The lace openwork coats and suits in white and black sequins, retro silk satin underwear-as-outwear and ruffled short skirts together looked like the girls that had walked right off the stage of a Broadway production AW2010, This collection provoked a sense of déjà vu. Marc Jacobs played with proportions and used a palette of soft neutrals and pale pastels, leading to a sweetly romantic, dreamy and serene nostalgic trip.
In SS2011, It was all about color. The summer joy could be felt through the Eastern-inflected coat in an electric orange print, printed silk halter dresses and huge fabric flower headpiece. AW2011, Coming out from the fluid feeling of the spring collection, this season was strict and severe. The collection featured plenty of polka dots, a good deal of latex and lace and a much more fitted silhouette. Working with the British company House of Harlo to produce some sleek and cool latex buttons and “rubber to look like sequins”dresses, the collection left the audience in awe.

In SS2012, For a cross era collection like this one, avant-garde fabrics and 1920s silhouette are the must-haves. Contrasting elements such as metallic appearance, reflexive finish and see-through plastic draping proved Marc Jacobs’ effort on details. Gingham check and the sweet palette exudes simple coolitude and pristine to the whole collection. AW2012, Underpinned by a playful gothic tone, this season’s feminine wardrobe is made of a palette of deep violet, gun metal and black flourish. Voluminous and flamboyant silhouettes are built around luxurious details such as shiny sequins, whimsical paperclip embellishment and Stephen Jones-designed oversized headdresses.

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