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The are always some hidden talents in everyone that yet to be discovered, all they need is a visible platform for them to show the world what talent they've got. VENNA, our very Hong Kong brand that made its fame in the Paris & London and now made a triumphant come back by creating an exclusive collection for Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong. The bright & talented yet chatty Fashion accessory designer Patrick Wong told mylifestylenews the Fashion accessories in the making......
VENNA was created 2005 and the name VENNA doesn't have much of a meaning, it was just a few alphabets that I thought off without must hesitation.
VENNA’s image of being “subtly elegant, rich and varied” is rooted in the hearts of many fashion lovers.
I was graduated from Central St. Martin’s in London, majoring in textile design and has since lived in the UK for more than ten years.
I always admire exquisite handicrafts and have a passion for beautiful things. Historic structure, an antique sports car parked on the road, a sky-reaching old tree and a bunch of newly blossomed flowers, anything in every day's life surrounding me can be inspirational.
We were very lucky to be featured in some international renown magazines especially in Paris and London. The respond was a bit overwhelmed and we are always very grateful that we met quite a few of good buyers and people in the fashion scenes who like VENNA.
VENNA was admitted to the international high fashion circles and became one of the most sought-after brands in the world’s trendiest fashion boutiques and the world-famous department stores, such as Harvey Nichols, Le Bon March, Club 21 and etc.
VENNA is a 100% Hong Kong design and in house production. We have a few experience skilled workers who can produce a full length necklace within 2-3 hours.
VENNA's accessories are constructed from top-quality materials, we use quite a bit of Swarovski crystal, gold/silver plated metals, pearls and even silk. These are the VENNA's must have elements in most of our design.
To create such ingenious designs, VENNA is “100% handmade” to ensure the high quality production.
Fashion accessory is to set off a person's unique character and individuality. Not the name tag that counts. If an accessory could enhance one’s elegant demeanor without stealing the scene, it will be a successful piece of work.
I don't really follow trend, I usually go with my instinct and put everything together that make sense to me.
I first started to source for materials in Shum Shui Po (a renown wholesale supplies market fabrics to buttons, sequins and many other fashion related materials), I was really thrilled for what I can get from there.
Years after when I return to the same places, it gradually becomes uninspiring. Supplies are limited and lots of repetition.
AW2012 Collection
Now I pick up material whenever I travel. I buy in a small quantity and bring home and get my supply to produce the material in bigger quantity and make it more exclusive to the brand.
The SS2013 collection are colorful and I play around with the colorful cotton threads that I picked up from Thailand. Lots of Neon colors with more refined parts that I use in the design.
The difference between high end jewellery and Fashion custom accessories is high end jewellery is a refined piece and quality acquired like they use diamonds and rare color stones in the production. People buy for its admiration and collection.
Fashion accessories are more flexible, friendly and approachable and you can play around with plenty of mix and match when comes to production. It is chic, affordable, easy with no muss and no fuss.
VENNA is luxury, glam, fun and classy and VENNA women shall have the chic attitude, self confident, a taste of her own when she wears it, she bring out the best from what she chose.
The challenges in handmade jewellery design is to find a real skillful worker and knowing the best way to put everything together in the shortest of time.
SS2013 Collection
When I design, I design for both trend and style.It work perfectly well for Fashion accessories. I don't like to look back what I have done as those work were quite experimental and the VENNA today is more mature and more closer to what I would like to do.
VENNA designs suits both Asian and Westerners, it adds on a more luxury and chic & trendy look to a woman. Every woman has their own style, one must know and understand what look best on them when they chose a piece of accessory.
My favorite possession is my glasses, I have more than 20 pairs in my collections now.
My ideal way of a living lifestyle is to space out from everything when I needed it. To drive around town with my favorite cars is my luxury.
mylifestylenews @ Patrick Wong

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