FENDI @ The Christmas PEQUIN

This Christmas, FENDI launches a PEQUIN capsule collection: a periodic table of linked elements and striking, iconic accessories. It is composed of a silk stole, two pairs of sunglasses, one belt, two bracelets of different sizes, a shopping bag and a clutch bag. The striped pattern adapts perfectly to the specificity of the chosen materials for each piece, proving to be flexible and adaptable in its incontrovertible precision; on the silk stole, for example, it becomes a striped pattern created through serigraphic frames; whilst on the arms of the large, rounded sunglasses, it comes to life in a rhythmic, luminous decoration obtained thanks to a complex Swarovski crystal laser technique applied to a base covered in gold dust. On the bracelets, created in enamelled metal, the PEQUIN is reduced to a simple oppositional motif: one tobacco-coloured half is juxtaposed to the other black-coloured half, featuring a FF monogram fastening. The shopping bag, clutch bag, belt and sunglass case are all made in PEQUIN fabric, featuring flame red leather detailing.
The PEQUIN is the FENDI logo without a logo as it’s reduced to pure graphic design. Inspired by the work of the architect Josef Hoffman, in particular by the affirmative geometrical shapes which characterised his designs, the PEQUIN is a modernist utopia created by FENDI: it’s the union of beauty and function in the name of clarity. And modernist is also the modular verve which runs through its varied uses: declined in different shapes and materials, the PEQUIN creates a series of objects which have their own distinct identity, and yet fit together in a bigger design, like the pieces of a mosaic in the making.
The colour palette is limited to the iconic colours of tobacco and black. Bright red details simply accentuate the visual canvas, creating small interruptions, which highlight the rhythmic precision of the system.

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