FURLA @ Art at Your Fingertips

FURLA transforms its shopping bags into original mobile artworks. In six different styles, each one contains a pattern from a 10-metre work of contemporary art composed of 250 sheets filled with 250 different decorative motifs. Each fragment is an evocative abstract pattern in black and white; “non-colour” colours which express elegance and simplicity, in perfect harmony with the brand’s style. The fragments of the work offer an evocative reflection on the meaning of hand- craftsmanship. They are in fact meticulously hand-drawn abstract patterns, which, when you look at them closely, reveal the constant fluctuation and chaos hidden beneath supposed regularity and order.
The author, a visual artist, has decided not to appear in order to give maximum prominence to his or her work and allow it to speak for itself. In an era of widespread media narcissism, this is a refreshingly pure and authentic gesture from an artist. The artist chose to surrender the rights to this piece to Furla because of the conscientiousness and powerful influence that the company has demonstrated in the world of the arts for many years through the Furla Foundation and the Premio Furla award. The new shopping bags, distributed through the brand’s worldwide network, will appear on the streets the world over, from New York to Beijing, Paris to Milan; a veritable mobile art collection. This is an innovative means of taking art out of exhibitions and museums and giving it to the people in a way that everyone can access. This publicity exercise was created in order to increase public awareness and bring to light the universal power of a work of art.

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