LINKS of LONDON @ New Advertising Campaign

Links of London new campaign comes with a rich aristocratic feel running through its veins the new campaign is a modern gallery of typically English portraits, art directed by the renowned creative agency Air Paris. It was shot by a stellar team including acclaimed photographer Jean-Francois Campos supported by stylist Charles Varenne, hair stylist Valentin, make-up artist Georgina Graham and prop stylist Vincent Olivieri. With reference to the Pre-Raphaelite English masters the portraits are filled with evocative imagery using flora and fauna. Deeply poetic and imaginative, the campaign reflects the originality and creativity we demonstrate in all that we do; a twist to the norm and always with a nod to our British eccentricity. These portraits convey the symbolism of jewellery; keepsakes that we cherish forever, where the act of gifting is full of emotion and often great sentimental reason.
<The Chicane Collection> – Of Steel & Speed. Every well groomed man needs a luxury timepiece to complete his look. Our Chicane watches are inspired by the aesthetics of vintage motor car racing. The collection reflects a classic British sporting quality which inspires this masculine and elegant shot. <The Effervescence Collection> – Of Light & Celebration. A lilac and mimosa bouquet was chosen for this shot to mimic the bubbles in the designs of the Effervescence collection. The flora evokes a sense of springtime which is synonymous with fresh new life and vitality and this theme is present in the celebratory nature of the Effervescence pieces.
<The Infinite Love Collection> – Of Pride & Passion. With connotations of passionate love and precious femininity the Rose is the perfect symbol for our infinite Love collection. Each piece undeniably beautiful in white, yellow and rose gold with exquisitely cut stones of amethyst and topaz; tokens to express one’s pure love and passion. <The Friendship Collection> – Of Love & Trust. The doe is a symbol of generosity, love and kindness and is used in our Friendship collection portrait. Our ever popular friendship collection grows and evolves like the love and trust between friends and loved ones. Wrapped and stacked on wrists they are a symbol of the unbreakable bond of friendship.
  <The Noble Classic Collection> – Of Courage & Honour.This portrait is depictive of a male rower – a sport long associated as a gentleman’s pastime with rules and behaviour associated with sportsmanship. The Noble Classic collection has been created for a man of decorum and integrity which are reminiscent in these watches –bold yet elegant pieces that offer timeless sophistication with a contemporary edge. <The Sweetie Collection> – Of Innocence & Promises. Innocence and promises are illustrated within this Sweetie Collection portrait – a collection which signifies purity and virtue. The frog symbolizes the fairytale legend; and encouragement to those still seeking their true love. Sweetie is a playful collection evocative of the spirit and essence of childhood.

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