PRADA Opens New Store @ Kuwait City

 PRADA opens a new boutique in Kuwait City, in the prestigious 360 Mall. Designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, the store occupies a total surface of 380 square meters offering the women's clothing, bags, accessories and footwear collections and the men’s luggage and accessories collections. The visually striking façade is characterized by a luminous curtain lending the space a refined identity: fitted into the regular geometry of polished steel profiles, the curtain made of resin opens to unveil two entrances, the shop windows, the light boxes and the precious display cabinets.
Inside, the shop is divided in two areas: the first dedicated to women’s bags and accessories with chequered black and white marble flooring, elegant display niches on the walls covered in green fabric, and shelves in saffiano cera with polished steel profiles. The second, of poligonal shape, dedicated to bags and footwear displayed in the classic green fabric boxes. The clothes, instead, are found in a more “intimate” area, where the softness of the walls covered in green fabric and the contrasting perspex of the displays and of the light boxes make the enviroment glamorous and refined.
These two spaces are connected by a walkway totally dedicated to men’s leathergoods, enriched by elegant black and white marble flooring and floor to ceiling black saffiano leather shelves with polished steel profiles. Classic glass and polished steel counters and soft couches in velvet complete the furniture.

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