TAI CHI 0 太極 2 ~ 英雄崛起

 <TAI CHI 0 太極 2 ~ 英雄崛起> opened three weeks after the prequel which claimed to be one of the most  live-action animation crossbred with a video game, scored by heavy metal jazz which turned out to be the most hideous and boring film ever claimed. It may be a smart marketing strategy especially the first one was not so well received. The movie is simply too reliant on its chintzy humour,  this crazy blend of action, romance, visual tricks and a clash of civilizations is a little too greedy to make it through. Director Steven Fung tried so hard to bring the energy and imaginative design, particularly in the superimposed visuals and in the costuming but forgetting a good screen play is in need as well as unpretentious acting from most casts. Good try but it doesn't work. There is nothing much we really like about this movie. Two hours completely wasted for a not so good reason.

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