JOHNNIE WALKER® LAUNCHES ‘WHERE FLAVOUR IS KING’ CAMPAIGN  showcases products’ credentials rooted in the big, bold flavours of Johnnie Walker whisky recently. The new global campaign focuses on the diverse spectrum of rich and intense flavours found in various blends of Johnnie Walker whisky. The campaign aims to enhance local whisky lovers’ appreciation of the centrality of flavours in whisky blending, an art that Johnnie Walker has reigned supreme.
Anchoring the new, vibrant campaign is a collection of stunning images featuring Johnnie Walker’s iconic Striding Man immersed in a mysterious and evocative world with giant fruit smashers, towers of spices, honey cauldrons and fire-breathers. The bold visuals bring to life the signature flavours of the different Johnnie Walker blends, including the luscious sweet fruits and honey tones of Gold Label Reserve; Black Label’s fig and toffee flavours, as wells as its signature smoky finish; and Double Black Label’s spicy notes and intense smokiness.
"The new campaign will open consumers’ eyes to the depth and variety of flavour that exists across the Johnnie Walker whisky taste spectrum. By creating a unique image for each variant of Johnnie Walker whisky, the consumer will be able to make an instant, tangible association with the power and depth of flavour of each blend. For example our Black Label shot features a supersized apricot and slabs of chocolate; the Double Black Label campaign highlights dense penetration of smoke and spices piled high; while the Gold Label Reserve image centres around dripping honey and gigantic fresh apples." Gavin Pike, Global Brand Director for Johnnie Walker, said the campaign would help drive consumer awareness of the range of tastes across the brand portfolio.
From its origins in 1820, the Johnnie Walker label has always been committed to its quest to blend whiskies of exceptional flavour, refusing to compromise on quality. This dedicated attitude to finding exotic and exciting tastes takes the product on a special journey of distillation, maturation and blending, to produce the ultimate, unrivalled blend. The flavours, derived solely from the simplest ingredients of barley, water and peat, are mythically transformed through distillation and years of maturation in charred wood casks before being unleashed through the craft of the master blender.

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