Lancôme x Andrew Yang @ 2012 Christmas Dollidays!

Lancôme X Andrew Yang kicked off this festive season with Yang's famous fashion rag dolls, the Kouklitas to celebrate the end of a very "Doll" year in sublime style. True mousseline icons, these haute couture dolls have been snapped up by the happy few and some of the world’s most influential personalities. Especially for Lancôme, Andrew Yang creates an all-new collection of three exclusive dolls.
Designer and illustrator Andrew Yang has fostered a discerning sense of style. Daring and highly gifted in equal measure, avant-garde style, creativity and commitment… It was only natural for this artist to cross paths with Lancôme. Exclusively designed for the brand, Yang presents Alyssa, Isabelle and Camille: a trio of dolls endowed with unique elegance.
Three dolls, three looks, three collectable must-haves! They share two features: a gold-sequined jacket – a festive nod to Lancôme’s Christmas make-up collection "Happy Holidays", infused with shimmering gold – and the Lancôme rose, revisited as a fashion accessory. The <Porcelain Doll> : Alyssa is a delicate beauty with an opal complexion set against a long black mane. Her signature outfit: an ultra-chic little white dress, with a quirky twist: an XXL Lancôme rose at the waist. Elegantly seductive, this girl is a true gem!  The <Golden Doll> : with her brown hair tied in a pseudo-romantic chignon teamed with vibrant make-up, Isabelle is a radiant beauty. In her golden corset dress adorned with a Lancôme rose at the hip, she simply shines! There’s no doubt about it, this girl loves to soak up the limelight and the <Star Doll> : With her piercing eyes, seductive smile and ultra-glamorous auburn chignon, Camille is only at home in über-couture red fur. Her signature touch? The Lancôme rose on her shoulder. A true star!

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