Finally, the long awaited <Cold War> had kicked off and made it to the giant screen in a style of its own. Many may compared this film to the previous Hong Kong film market breakthrough ~ Infernal Affairs trilogy a decade ago. The Hong Kong film industry had been going nowhere ever since to make films to please the mainland China market by making unattractive films even with high budget given. <Cold War> had certainly made a beautiful come back by newcomer duo film director Longman Leung & Sunny Luk. They may be unknown but from what they had produced, it is enough to rock your chair from the begining to the end of  the film. Not only the story was very well written but the action scenes and acting were equally well executed. This action police thrillers turned out to be utterly unpredictable. It is complex and factoring politics, family, betrayals and ambition into the already complicated equation yet followed by real good plots to sort out the crime flicks. <Cold War>  can certainly could make it to the next film academy awards and we look forward to the Hollywood to do a remake of this thrilling success. Well done guys!!!

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