Mercedes-Benz New A-Class @ Unveiled at The A-Rock Party

Mercedes-Benz continues to blaze a trail for new vehicle class with a new dynamic design Following the successful footsteps of the second generation A-class launched in 2005. The newly designed A-class defines a whole new benchmark in the premium compact segment both in terms of high quality materials used, dynamic appearance, and efficient emission and last but not least, the highest standard of safety.
To celebrate the launch of the Mercedes-Benz new A-Class in Hong Kong, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited hosted the A-Rock party at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition to witness the unveiling of this new fascinating creation by Mercedes-Benz.
The launch event was preluded by a stunning video to demonstrate the characteristics of the new A-Class, all the spectators are expecting to view the new dynamic A-Class. The highlight of the night was the debut of five new A-Class after the live performance of Hong Kong renowned Pop Band – Tai Chi Band. Every guest was enchanted by their great performance and taking the evening to the climax. Guests were also treated to a close experience with the gorgeous new A-Class afterwards. The A-Rock party continued with the hottest hits span by DJ Stefano and DJ Natalie Sodestrom. They played throughout the entire evening up-keeping the party mood of the audiences all night. The party was packed with glamorously dressed guests and filled with bustling & energetic atmosphere. The dynamic A-Class and A-Rock party left a remarkable memory to all the attended guests.

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