Christmas @ Ralph Lauren’s Noble Estate

Ralph Lauren Fragrances celebrating the holidays with a rich and exciting array of gift sets that embody heritage, luxury and style. The Christmas 2012 Gift Sets, featuring men’s fragrance BIG PONY, latest women’s fragrance BIG PONY WOMEN as well as classic RALPH LAUREN ROMANCE, will be everyone’s major heartthrob in this holiday.
RALPH LAUREN BIG PONY represents the young men today, who are not defined by a single aspect of their life.  The scent gives them the freedom to express one or all of their passions and personality. The Sporty Fragrance ~ The blue bottle represents the game of sport and addresses the challenge of performance. The Seductive Fragrance ~ The red bottle brings men into the game of seduction, addressing the challenge of love and the big play needed to get the girl. The Adventurous Fragrance ~ The green bottle prepares men for an experience of extreme sensations. The Stylish Fragrance ~ The orange bottle represents the game of style and the opportunity to express individuality.
All four colorful RALPH LAUREN BIG PONY WOMEN fragrances are bright, playful and energizing, and set upon a floral backdrop, yet each expresses a clear point of view. The sleek blue bottle represents confident and fearless, the sporty woman is a natural born leader and ready to take on the world. The eye-catching pink represents an alluring flirt and the romantic at heart. Set upon a luminous yellow bottle, the crisp, bright scent brings out the ultimate optimism and natural feminine radiance of women. The purple bottle is designed for the stylish woman, whose flair expresses her unique personality and catches the eye and the hearts of anyone who crosses her path.

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