CARRERA Eyewear @ CARRERA Generation

The history of the CARRERA brand in the field of eyewear, ski helmets and goggles began as far back as 1956, a story of success driven by passion for design, continuous innovation, eye-catching flare and uncompromising style. CARRERA was originally created as a motorcycle and ski helmet brand, whose name was inspired by the legendary Carrera Panamericana road rally which traversed the length of Mexico. Thus began the adventure of a brand famous for high-performance products which still today retain their original on-the-road spirit, dynamic appeal and consistently cutting-edge design. Over the years the product range has expanded to include ski helmets, sports glasses, optical frames and sunglasses.
Since 1996 CARRERA has been part of Safilo Group: this synergy has amplified the stylistic and innovative potential of its products and strengthened the brand’s success at international level. Today CARRERA is a prestigious label, synonymous with design and technical innovation, a brand which represents a dynamic lifestyle and which communicates emotion.
The CARRERA eyewear collection is inspired by the original spirit of CARRERA and the uncompromising style which cemented the brand’s success during the 1980s. Distinctive shapes, bold personality and an inimitable colour palette: CARRERA sunglasses are based on the original designs of the signature CARRERA styles that were so popular in the 1980s. The CARRERA styles are earning a legendary reputation and are even making waves with the international celebrities: from Hollywood to Europe, numerous Vips and trend-setters have been spotted showing off these iconic and trendy shades. CARRERA is also the benchmark brand for the most important sports disciplines: for over half a century, CARRERA products have helped the world’s greatest champions to victory in various sports, assuring total comfort and maximum performance.
Today the research and development department, with its headquarters in Padua, Italy, follows every stage of design and development of the products from the first draft to the final design, from the raw model to the prototype, from the development in 3D to the industrialization and from the selection of the colours to the definition of the collection. Models are designed to improve the performance of sports champions and the practical glasses that are worn everyday are guaranteed by years of experience and research. Half a century of victories in many sports, at international level, is the result of an engrossing passion for production development and continuous technological research.
The CARRERA eyewear collection CHAMPION/HI/FS teardrop injection-moulded sunglasses are customised with unique and inimitable details, such as the “C” metal icon on the nosepiece, a high-quality “Made in Japan” detail underlining the excellence of this product. The temples are decorated by the laser-engraved enamelled logo on a metal plaque. Even the colours are new: shiny black with grey shaded lenses, matte black with grey silver flash lenses, dark matte Havana brown with brown shaded lenses, red with brown shaded lenses. The temples are subtly decorated with a slim metal detail featuring the distinctive CARRERA logo.
Today CARRERA is a prestigious brand, synonymous with design, technological innovation and sportsmanship. CARRERA is a brand that represents a dynamic lifestyle and communicates excitement.
The new CARRERA eyewear collection is dedicated to those who like to live in the fast lane and never stop, who seize every moment as an opportunity for simple pleasures, and who are always on the lookout for new challenges, for new people to meet and for new experiences. The new sunglasses and eyeglass models were designed for the “CARRERA generation”: young, dynamic, determined and committed to realizing their dreams and goals, in order to always be able to say, after everything has been said and done: “AFTER ALL NO REGRETS”.

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