<SKYFALL> brings the bond films back to glory with a more complete and comprehensive story development despite lacking of the Bond's usual exotic location run and chase. However, there are still some real good stunts especially the futuristic elevator scene in China which was really well executed and filmed. <SKYFALL> mark the 50th anniversary of author Ian Fleming’s James Bond has not disappointed us. The series has defined the modern spy genre, and though many competitors have arisen over the years, none seem to generate anticipation as much as the latest exploits of 007. <SKYFALL> is  the third film starring Daniel Craig give Bond purists much to love and to quibble over, but it’s a top-notch action film. Director Sam Mendes has created both an homage to and a continuation of the longest running continuous film franchise in history.

 Already declared by some to be the best Bond film yet, “Skyfall” has gone far and beyond all expectations. All and all, Craig is still one of our favorite Bond and we awaits the next two Craig's Bond films ahead.


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