VOGUE Eyewear AW2012/13 @ Women's Collection

Fashion is always a new, stimulating, and fun challenge. Since the 1970s, Vogue Eyewear has devoted its collections of optical and sunglasses to women who adore fashion and like to experiment with different looks. Women who are confident with their appearance and who enjoy wearing the latest trends in new, original, and expressive ways. Their choice of Vogue Eyewear enables them to live the spirit of our times with vitality and elegance, and they are women who are inspired by past fashions, reinterpreting them with modern ease and originality. In their daily life, Vogue Eyewear represents the youthful and urbane taste of the most up-to-date trends, while maintaining the precious details of elegance and refinement that characterizes its style.
The new collection offers three elegant and dynamic choices, specifically designed for three different kinds of women. The collection represents a feminine and ironic blend that, now more than ever, mirrors the glamorous spirit of our times. From the trendy and playful style of In Vogue, created for women eager to explore what’s new in fashion, to the contemporary and refined taste of Casual Chic, intended for young women who follow fashion with a modern, versatile personal touch and a hint of their undeniable sense of originality, to the classic, elegant, essential lines of Timeless, devoted to women who seek an elegant and feminine look, rich in refined and original details. With this innovative range, Vogue has created a collection that stylishly satisfies every demand.

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