Dwayne Johnson's version of demi-god <HERCULES> is more than just a human who this time fight against the war instead of showing more of the legendary mystic. We have high hope on Film Director for his previous success blockbuster in action pack and thriller like <Rush Hour>, <Red Dragon>, <X-Men:The Last Stand>, <Tower Hiest> and etc...but this time is a total let down. The story is simply too straight forward and so is the action, the legendary ultra-strong son of Zeus is lacking of soul and levels of intelligence but just a block of muscle going around to fight wars. We can't see much of his power of magic for being the son of Zeus, he fight like a normal labour yet with lots of yelling and punching. Johnson's Hercules is the main focus in the entire film and also acting too hard in the emotional scenes. There is nothing we have not seen before in many other epic genres with predictable adventures and violence. The film is what is for its own condemnation, do not attempt to find any surprises in here. We hate to say but we have yet to have the Hercules film the we fully deserve till date especially with such shaking plots. One day, we hope to see the demi-god hero show his real magical power with the better team (production team).

Rating : 2/5

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