Salvatore Ferragamo @ FW2014/15 Ad Campaign

Salvatore Ferragamo FW2014/15 ad campaign features the perfect balance between nature and humanity. Harmony and emblematic simplicity, the sine qua non of silent story-telling as captured by Mert & Marcus while exploiting clear daylight against a dark background that emphasizes the notion of being suspended in time. Central to this open-air scenario is simple décor which blends in naturally with the landscape.The approaching dawn, the last glowing rays of a sunset, a cinematic night-time effect. A field of brilliant blue flowers stretches as far as the eye can see, their colour reflecting the sky.

A colour palette of melting shades in black, espresso, chocolate, sand and camel blend with brick red, amber, and grey on skirts, dresses and outerwear that embody the luxurious and deep mood of the FW2014/15 campaign. Mert and Marcus capture the effortless dialogue between density and transparency playing on architectural capes and rich outerwear over sleek blousons and delicate dresses complimenting the intrigue of Giornetti’s collection. Ferragamo’s premier handbag collection, the Fiamma, debuts in exotic black crocodile and calfskin with gold hardware handles and exclusive mini style in precious stingray.

Fluid, natural movements, seductively tactile clothes and accessories. Mariacarla Boscono, Amanda Murphy and Suvi Koponen, Felix Hermans and Jason Anthony: their strong, sophisticated, and individual beauty is captured in spontaneous actions, caught in conversation and complicity in natural surroundings, communing closely to an audience through gaze alone.

Creative Director: 
Massimiliano Giornetti

Mert Alas e Marcus Piggot

Mariacarla Boscono, Amanda Murphy, 
Suvi Koponen, 
Felix Hermans, Jason Anthony

Garren Defazio

Make Up: 
Lucia Pieroni

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