THOMAS SABO @ FW2014/15 Collection

THOMAS SABO celebrates the diverse nature of rings for the FW2014/15 collection. The muses of the season are the legendary and elegant great Hollywood goddesses and the modern woman and her personal Karma. This allows each wearer to be inspired by the extraordinary ring designs, the radiant colours and the exquisite art-déco elements which have become new design codes of the season. Jewellery adorned with magnificent stones reflect the light in a most wonderful way because of the specially-faceted signature cuts. The lens cut lends the stones particular depth, while the hammered cut acquires its special sparkle from its irregular facets and the intensive wealth of colour and pavé zirconia provide an exceptional radiance. The eye-catching rings offer a whole range of possible combinations and continue the mix-&-match trend. Combine as many rings as possible opulence has made a comeback and is more elegant than ever before!

<OWL & KOI> 
Figurative jewellery is a trend that has been decisively shaped by THOMAS SABO. The owl symbolises the feminine elegance of the night: the three-dimensional pendant with its stunning marcasite embellishment and champagne-coloured pavé zirconia gives the wearer a profound aura. In Asian mythology, the koi carp is a symbol of courage, single-mindedness and endurance. In this new THOMAS SABO collection, it is a statement piece and the expression of design competence and attention to detail. Adorned with zirconia stones along with synthetic pavé ruby, the pendant is a real eye-catcher for the décolleté of all women of strength.

As a majestic pendant, the Hand of Fatima takes centre stage on the décolleté this season. The cut out-style pendant is also adorned with the ‘Nazar eye’, which is believed to provide special protection against evil spirits. Navettecut zirconia stones, which surround a mystical checkerboard- look haematite, perfect this fabulous item of jewellery. The classical ‘Hand of Fatima’ and ‘Nazar eye’ symbols not only promise strength and fortune, the opulent pendant is also guaranteed to be the ultimate in style! This is perfectly complemented by the eye shaped cocktail ring creating a look that is every bit as glamorous as any silent movie era Hollywood goddess.

The stunningly-designed structure of the irregularly-set pavé zirconia in white, black or champagne creates a dazzling look in conjunction with 925 Sterling silver or 18k rose or yellow gold plating. Combined, the pieces continue the fabulous tricolour trend in an ultra-feminine and glamorous way.

Timeless creations in rose gold and silver with stunninglyfaceted stones in unique, signature cuts are developed by THOMAS SABO with dazzling pavé embellishment. The centrepieces of this new line are the opulent cocktail rings, adorned with aqua synthetic spinels and pink synthetic corundum and fascinating, checkerboard-look black onyx. The stones are framed with seemingly endless and repeatedly converging lines of pavé stones, symbolising the eternity of love.

Mystical, deep-black onyx reflects the THOMAS SABO style more than any other stone. The large cocktail ring in the range makes a particularly magical impact. Multifaceted and sensual, onyx also takes centre stage on bold necklaces and bracelets. Sparkling, the dark stone reflects self-confidence, while the dazzling & glamorous black zirconia creates accents that pay homage to the elegant golden age of Hollywood. Opulent statement with filigree pavé embellishment: here, the dropshaped onyx pendant is the highlight of the range. Lavishly-adorned cocktail rings and clasps unite art-déco elements with sensual attitude.

<Karma Beads and Karma Bead Pendants> 
Following the SS2014 launch of the new THOMAS SABO Karma Beads line, THOMAS SABO is now expanding the 72 existing beads to include 36 new filigree, colour-intensive designs and for the first time, 12 unique Karma Bead Pendants that accentuate any Karma Beads creation in a particularly stunning manner. Whether delicate with a leaf design, as the tree of life, protective in the form of the ‘Nazar eye’, selfconfident in the guise of the koi carp or as Fashion Stud - the numerous creative motifs of the Karma Beads and the Karma Bead Pendants can be worn on special earrings, bracelets and necklaces, hence adding even more personal joie de vivre to any individually-created item.

conceals behind the glowing colours and the exquisite details of this new range of rings. Due to the sensual, hammered look of the signature cut, the stones capture the entire rainbow of colours in all its radiance. The feminine, beautiful shapes transform these rings into colourful statements of elegance. And the colour spectrum ranging from deep sapphire-blue, delicate pink through to elegant emerald green glows particularly beautifully when earrings and pendants from the line are combined with statement rings.

In the season of rings, the Wheel of Karma ring is the absolute masterpiece with which THOMAS SABO celebrates life and draws attention to the hands. In a large size and in four expressive colours, the cocktail rings with cabochon-cut mother-of-pearl, imitation turquoise, rose quartz or onyx – are the embodiment of the wearer’s personal Karma. Filigree details, such as the Wheel of Karma or the zirconia-adorned Om symbol, lend the ring profound significance, revealing the full Karma of its wearer.

Exquisite ceramic cosies up to classically-dazzling pavé zirconia. The new ceramic rings represent self-confidence with their clear, graphic design the look of the existing two-tone ceramic range and the trendy ceramic watches.

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