J.CREW First Fragrances @ Co.57 & No.31

J.CREW introduces its first fragrances Arquiste for J.Crew No.57 and Arquiste for J.Crew No.31 in collaboration with renowned perfumery, Arquiste. Developed exclusively for J.Crew, the fragrance capture the artistic scene of 1940s New York. The scents transport the wearer to one of the most pivotal moments in American art. The two intoxicating and intriguing fragrances pay homage to Peggy Guggenheim's groundbreaking Exhibition by 31 Women, the first all female modern art show in the United States. Famous for both her sharp eye for talent and her daring attitude toward art. Inspired by the illustrious guests and the gallery itself, master perfumer, Carlos Huber, worked closely with Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Yann Vasnier to develop two fragrances as stimulating as the art, drawing on the scents of the strong cocktails and bold perfumer that filled the night. J.Crew and Huber teamed up to work on the perfumes, resulting in a fragrance line that perfectly fits their personalities of both brands. Meticulously researched and using the rarest of ingredients, the scents capture the most evocative moments in history for a timeless fragrance experience.

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