Despite her drastic news over the years and she is still dancing through the fire, Katy Perry's new album <PRISM> takes you down to the river and underneath the blood-orange sun and she still roars like a lion with her music genre. <Roar> makes a beautiful entry for the entire album. <Legendary Lover> gives you much hope towards a fading relationship. Perry's music is dynamic and just can't stop you dancing through the night until you get really satisfy, <Birthday> is absolutely something good to celebrate. Pop your confetti, pip your Perignon and get you spinning like a disco ball, it is indeed another alternative birthday track to play instead of the old classic Happy Birthday Song. <Walking on Air> is the ideal continuation after the <Birthday> track when you have your mood get deeper and higher, a pure paradise for being able to walk on air when the mood goes on, you know what that means. <Unconditionally> once again highlights her vocal that best suits her pop music. The talented pop song writer/singer has evidently grown up, it is no longer dark and edgy yet is more approachable with obvious messages of self empowerment. The teenage dream and the tough time she had been through is overed especially moved on from her "divorced" with Russell Brand. She roar out well aware and make this album fun, very likable and amiable. Get ready to take off from her <International Smile>.

Rating :3.5/5

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