De RUCCi Bespoke Flagship Store Opens in Central

De Rucci Bespoke opens its flagship stores in Central recently. The leading high-end bedding brand positioning itself as a global integrator of healthy sleeping systems and resources. De RUCCI is dedicated to developing every bedding system with better ergonomics and providing a healthy scientific sleeping environment based on the concept of healthy sleep. With the innovation from Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium came the latest scientific research, it is a system that analyzes a guests body and spinal curvature, tailoring the most suitable bedding for them.  It is the only scientific system in Hong Kong that helps customers choose the perfect bed. Previously people would rely on the naked eye and feel unsure about their decision. With the accuracy of Bespoke, people can feel "REST" assured!

De Rucci Bespoke continues collecting innovative sleep solutions from around the world. The goal is to completely change the existing boring sleep world within the market, and through scientific and innovative ways, help consumers understand what true sleep really is. Presently, De Rucci Bespoke introduced two stores in Hong Kong provides the tailor-made systems that include Kreamat Belgium, Switzerland DOC (Dream on Comfort), together with German research and development, and the Swiss manufacturer of the spine scanner measuring instrument. The whole process ensures that guests can find true comfort in the De Rucci Bespoke personal bed, by maintaining natural spine shape when their backs are bent, and keeping straight when positioned, so that the body can rest in a zero pressure environment, making it easy to fall perfectly into deep sleep. 

    It is worth mentioning that De Rucci Bespoke exclusively introduced the Kreamat "Sleeping à la Carte" system. It was jointly developed and successfully patented in 2002 with the Life Sciences and Human Engineering University of Leuven. It is the only system that analyzes and configures to body data, in accordance with one's own height and weight, for the most reliable and comprehensive sleep system.