INSTITUT ESTHEDERM Introduces The Intensif Spiruline Cream

INSTITUT ESTHEDERM introduces the Intensif Spiruline Cream that is highly concentrated in spirulina to have a fresh and healthy glowing complexion. Skin is re-densified and luminous. Its revitalizing and nourishing properties are great to firm and smooth all skin. INSTITUT ESTHEDERM is 1 of the only cosmetic brand in the market to use this powerful active ingredient: SPIRULINA with incredibly high protein and nutrients to revitalize skin, regenerate skin cells & remove all signs of fatigue.Spirulina is a microscopic blue algae containing more than 220 compounds essential to life. Also referred to as “Blue Gold” because of its astonishing composition and exceptional, scientifically acknowledged revitalizing and nourishing properties, Spirulina has many applications in health care, and in nutrition.Spirulina has many anti-oxidant effects (vitamin B1, B5, B6, E, selenium) to protect skin from free radicals which are responsible for skin ageing. This powerful algae facilitates faster cell regeneration (gamma-linoleic acid) and eliminates toxins. Skin is revitalized and skin cells are oxigenerated and illuminated. Spirulina is incredibly nourishing (omega 3, 6) to the skin which is perfect for dry skin or combination skin.