THE SWANK @ FW2014/15 Supernovas Ad Campaign

THE SWANK FW2014/15 ad campaign illustrates a sense of contemporary chic that outshines the fashion world. With a global line-up of new designers across the world, the enchanting style is vividly presented in the latest campaign specially created in Barcelona, Spain. The multiple images in a monochrome tone reveal a whimsical yet elegant touch that expresses the contemporary and modern visions of THE SWANK.

Dressed in the FW2014 collections, the two celebrated modeling talents Magdalena Langrova, the Czech beauty famous for her sophisticated look, and Anders Hayward, a British dancer and model with incredible energy, meticulously interpret a unique language through their professional styles. A visionary in fashion of timeless elegance, THE SWANK gives full support to new designers who are passionate with modern and innovative foresights by bringing the contemporary chic through a global line-up this season.

Young and contemporary style of womenswear includes innovative cuts with an architectural touch of Dion Lee's wardrobe from Australia, cozy and chic millinery and accessories by Gabriela Dumitran from Romania, perfectionism of Casamadre's shoes from Italy, and the signature style designer handmade jewellery by Nicholas King from England. A series of menswear showcases the urban fabrics and inspiration of winter exploration by Tim Coppens from the United States, collection inspired by primitive sci-fi and cosplay by James Long from England, all-natural aesthetic tailored pieces by Abasi Rosborough from the United States, urban wear twisted with luxurious contemporary style by Les Hommes from Belgium, as well as the silhouette with ode to the Bauhaus by Nicolas Andreas Taralis from France.