Chloé @ FW2014 Fashion Presentation

CHLOE FW2014/15 Collection is a raw freshness earthy & untamed dipped in mystery, windswept urban landscape. Naked legs – a peculiar magnetism with attitudes. Sweatshirt attitude for unstructured coats, butterfly sleeves, drop-panelled skirts wrapped and over-belted coats misty shades anchored with warm white & graphic black wildcat furs and tangled fringing.

Key Elements :
Folded collars and air-filled fabrics 
knee-length culottes, gauzy cashmere 
powdered lilac 
rainbow cat jacquard 
kaleidoscopic mesh knits 
spongy double-face wools
long column dresses in matte georgette
pillowy padded leathers 
shadow dots 
geometric prints and metal shapes 


supple and sensual bags 
oversized shoulder clutch with extended zips 
velvet-touch deerskin in powdered pastels 
overscaled twist lock on long-strapped bags 
patterned python in soft colour washes
heavy soles and mid heels 
folded over-the-knee boots 
patchworked leathers 
gold jewellery with draped chains