PORTS 1961 New Menswear Creative Director @ Milan Vukmirovic

PORTS 1961 announces Mialan Vukmirovic as the new Menswear Creative Director. For the first time, Fiona Cibani is passing the baton to a designer who will be fully in charge of the creative direction of the Men’s collection. CEO of PORTS 1961 Italia SpA Salem Cibani says: “Fiona and I are thrilled to have Milan on board, as his menswear perspective perfectly matches the brand’s urban contemporary style. For us it’s a long-term decision and we look forward to continuing, with his direction, our success as an international luxury brand”. Co-founder of Colette Store in 1997, in 2000 Milan became Design Director for Gucci Group during the fashion house’s Tom Ford days, and then moved to Jil Sander. In 2005, internationally acclaimed menswear magazine L'Officiel Hommes enlisted him as their Editor-in-Chief and in 2007 he joined Trussardi 1911 as their Creative Director. After his work at Trussardi and L'Officiel Hommes, Milan became Editor-in-Chief and Founder of FASHION FOR MEN bookzine.

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