3.1 Phillip Lim @ Fall 2014 Women's Collection

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2014 Women's Collection was created with the idea of representing women in a mural form. The composition is a constellation of female forms in movement wherein color blocks eclipse and create shadows of these forms. The lines in the RTW collection are an extension of the graphic lines found in the print. These garments emphasize the actual process of making clothes freezing moments of concept development and celebrating the imperfect perfection of garments before completion. The palette is a departure from more traditional dark fall palettes, favoring a spectrum of radiant atmospheric hues that pair with richer tones and promotes the effortless dressing of global citizen.

Structured fabrics are combined with fluid bodies to create asymmetrical soft drapes that follow lines amongst straight grain and hard wovens. In classic 3.1 Phillip Lim style, this juxtaposition offers equal edgy and feminine features that graciously translate into effortless chic.

Graphic lines in the collection reference astrology – lunar eclipses, solar arcs and their shadows. The combination of sharp lines and floral prints with solid colors creates a fresh color-blocking scheme. When translated into flowy fabrics, the prints graciously move amongst the body and offer a subtle touch of color.

High waist pants flatter the waist line and elongate the leg. This style is easily paired back to tucked in tops and, when contrasted with a cropped jacket, the look helps balance proportions.

Classic denim styles are mimicked in jacket, skirt and pant shapes. The classic jean is made fresh with a straight leg and printed patterns. Skirts create a timeless style in leather and prints. The jacket is updated in shaven fur and leather textures, with exaggerated pocket detailing, pairing back effortlessly to pant and skirt styles.

Wrapped and asymmetrical styles are created in top and skirt bodies. These bodies are juxtaposed with silk and hard woven fabrics to create fluid movement.

Oversized pockets, lapels, collars and cuffs, give a playful and youthful attitude. Exaggerated details allow for easy layering and pairing.

The oversized fit modernizes the classic trench, suit and shirt dress. The oversized theme is carried into pants, coats and basic tuxedo and suit styles. This look creates flowing silhouettes that are undemanding and ideal for the culturally curious woman.

"This season I gave her a name - Soleil, a fun and culturally curious woman. Her world is somewhere between instant pop and culture." Said Phillip Lim.