Into The Storm

Tornado, hurricane, Twister, whatever you called it, movies as such have been made for more than you can remember, be it in feature film or documentary. This year comes <Into The Storm> with the biggest and most dangerous ever double tonadoes hit the town of Silverton, Oklahoma. With movie like this, you don't need any high pay well known casts and best with forgettable characters to invest the money into the post production special effects. They certainly had done it well despite the clumsy predictable scripts. Nevertheless <Into The Storm> is still one of the most well spent movies to watch in IMAX especially in 2D, it is already intimidated to experience the storm brought by Mother Nature at her most extreme and in fact gain most better effect than in 3D. At least these boys have the heart for not making your bucks out of it to film it in 3D. Action, action and more action is what you need to watch in a visually stunning disaster-thriller. And mind you, this movie is rated PG-13 and we strongly advice there is no kids shall enter, stupidly during our screening, there were a couple being carried by their dumb-head parents. Watch responsively.

Rating : 3/5