BVLGARI @ FW2014/15 Ad Campaign

BVLGARI FW2014/15 ad campaign features Carla Bruni-Sarkzy, by Terry Richardson. Here is a charisma of elegance, finesse and humour in which her Italian roots constantly shine through. She has a unique way of carrying her culture and its beauty in her mind, her heart and her spirit. She believes that beauty is a way of life. These are values and roots that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy shares with Bulgari.


Her everyday life is layered with many worlds and cultures; she is a virtuoso who allows herself the luxury of reinvention. Mysterious in her seductiveness, she exists as empowered and free, yet she accepts of the creative realities and risks of her “baroque” destiny: an international icon. A world-renowned top model, a confident First Lady, or as a songwriter-composer-singer playing with an eclectic range of musical emotions, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has an underlying credo: she develops her luck as if it were a talent, and she writes her life in poetry. An empowered, bohemian, sensual, passionate, cosmopolitan, sophisticated woman, she is all of these, she is a feminine ideal. And above all, she does not allow herself be tamed, edited or stopped from being her own muse.


For the new advertising campaign Carla Bruni’s Mediterranean-blues gaze into Terry Richardson’s lens. For her, jewels are “a concentration of feelings, and they always tell a story.” You need only to listen. As Bulgari’s birthplace and home address, Rome is the backdrop of the campaign. Since for ever, Rome has been a muse for Bulgari.

The eternal history of the city has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all Bulgari creations. Because it loves the music and mystery of gems, Bulgari plays with the colour, the brilliance,the touch and even the sound of stones. It is its way of remembering the colourful reality of the Eternal City, vibrating under a unique light and song. Bulgari’s way of expressing its ties to its very Italian beauty and architecture, where heritage is part of daily life, is to echo Rome’s legacy, recalling ruins, arenas, mosaics, columns - the Italian light.

MVSA jewellery creations, born of the Eternal City, are characterized by a timeless beauty as were these daughters of the gods that inspired them.