PRADA @ FW2014/15 Women Ad Campaign

PRADA FW2014/15 Women’s Advertising Campaign is a powerful geometric architecture contrasts with the smoky sensuality of Argentinian beauty Mica Arganaraz shot by Steven Meisel. Undulating art-deco prints and a mass of raw shearling contrast the grey modernism concrete curves and steel-grey windowpanes reflecting the surrounding nature while front and centre Arganaraz commands attention.

There is a feminine strength shared by Arganaraz, the face of the season, and her concrete playground, amplified by Meisel’s low angles and play of perspective. Yet there is softness as well as power. Around her neck a scarf flows, chevron knitwear slouches at her thigh and bags are supple as silk. The presence of Karl Kolbitz at Arganaraz’s side infuses the pictures with a subtle chemistry, and hints at a human story.

The bag campaign captures Arganaraz alone, and zooms in on contrasts of texture and form. Exquisite saffiano leather and crocodile rest on a rough concrete wall, literally enveloping it with softness. Shoe and eyewear shots reframe the surroundings, close-ups shifting our perception of proportion and scale. A subtle duet between two protagonists, between light and dark, tough and sensuous, stark and ornate, the campaign captures the avant-garde spirit and human storytelling at the heart of the new collection.

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