Mixologist Arnd Heissen Debuts Symphony of Aromas @ The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Enjoying your cocktail in the conventional way is just too boring, we need innovation and creative ideas to sparkle and stimulate our life especially during happy hour after a long day of work. With that idea in mind, finding a cozy bar to end your busy day with inspiring creation of cocktails is never too shabby, German born Mixologist Arnd Heissen flown in for a 3 days exclusive appearance in The Lounge & Bar at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong takes you to a new level to enjoy your cocktail with the symphony of aromas through a journey of scent. Nothing will be so straight forward until you have come across the invention by Heissen. mylifestylenews talks to the man who loves his scent with the distinctive nose who makes every moment an happy moment to his patrons, as scent plays a very important part to everyone to dictate what we sense and it could possible open your vision to a different perspective while enjoying a specially tailored made fragrance cocktail by Heissen. Drinking cocktail is not what you think anymore,  what you see is what you get from Heissen but let us warm you ahead, do drink responsively...... but with a style and attitude, of course. Recognized as “Mixologist of the Year” by The Mixology Bar Awards 2014, Arnd Heissen from The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin is celebrated for his unique take on the art and craft of cocktail making. Fondly referred to as the “Cocktail Whisperer”, Heissen once aspired to be a perfumer and is known for his distinctive creations of fragrance cocktails inspired by the world of scents and aromas. An exclusive cocktail master class with Arnd Heissen will also be available from 7pm to 8:30pm on August 28 and 29, 2014 only. Priced at HKHK$688 per guest, the cocktail class will reveal four secret recipes from the fragrance cocktail series. Participants will also enjoy Arnd’s incredible creations and pairing snacks at The Lounge and Bar during the class. We have yet to try the <Alice in Wonderland> which is a luscious drinkable dessert as well as a perfect after-dinner treat. Gin, rose petals, lemon juice, hazelnut syrup and strawberry puree create an aromatic wonderland with delectable gems for that sweet tooth. We will reserve that for our next meeting with Heissen, for sure.

<The Poet & The Alchemist>
 Loaded with oriental fragrances and a sublime hint of mint, made with rum, saffron, lemon juice, vanilla pods, tonka beans, pear puree and cardamom seeds. Lobster Cocktail with Mint and Mango Salsa is a refreshing delight to brighten up the distinctive flavours poetic cocktail.

<Mandarin Basilic>
 A fresh and fruity mix of vodka, mandarin, lemon juice, Earl Grey tea and grapefruit lemonade. An elegant note of basil takes the aroma profile of the cocktail to the next level, creating a sensory experience that will linger in one’s memory. We suggest the succulent Grilled Wagyu Beef Skewers with Sweet and Sour Sauce to go with this "citrus-licious" cocktail.

<Amara Champagne>
Mandarin infused Don Julia Reposado, Lemon, Incense syrup, Patchouli syrup, Champagne with a "deadly" Skull head white chocolate.

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