Luc Besson's classic sci-fi action thriller with gangster & triad ends with plenty of blood always has something for his fan to look forward to. <LUCY> stars the innocent student turn revenge professional killer Scarlet Johansson is loaded with 100% brain capacity enough to blow out the entire city as well as your mind. The valiant deserve the no way out ending is no stranger to anyone in almost any movie and with Besson's directorial, there are always a tough and memorable female action heroes ever since <Le Femme Nikita>, <The Professional>, <The Fifth Element> and etc. Besson's homage to women shows their power beyond human logic as ever and that make his movie always fun and entertaining. It is always fast, on the go and with plenty of action, sometimes there is no room to breath. In his sci-fi thriller action movie genre, he always did best despite he had made some very bad movies in the past. The plots and the scientific human logic may be debatable but wanting to watch Scarlet Johansson X Luc Besson is already become most anticipating. After all, it is a still a great sci-fi action thriller pack. Have your pop-corn ready on a school night, you will have another topic to share in your pantry the next day. Show them the girl's power!

Rating : 3/5