Calvin Klien @ 2014 COLORTHIN Collection

Calvin Klein COLORTHIN 2014 collection features new and innovative technology for lightweight, flexible and vibrant styles with five plastic and four metal styles each available in five vivid colors.COLORTHIN Calvin Klein is Made-in-Italy and represents the cutting edge in eyewear technology extreme lightness and material flexibility, combined with sophisticated materials that make them absolutely unique.

These fresh styles feature excellent memory form, resistance to cracks and a featherweight feel. The frames will always maintain correct positioning and flatter any face; plus, COLORTHIN Calvin Klein frames are 100% hypoallergenic.

The line is also durable and flexible under diverse conditions. They easily adapt from -13° to 158° Fahrenheit. The temples are also able to resist twisting of up to 180°. The COLORTHIN Calvin Klein line’s functional shapes are defined by bright and deep colors with a soft, matte coated finish, and can be equipped with most lenses that are available on the market.

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