Cafe.Waiting.Love 等一個人咖啡

<Cafe.Waiting.Love> may puzzle the audience is you are not a fan of Giddens Ko's online novel but yet still gives the impression of <Eat, Pray, Love> especially the title how it was named. Yet, this rom-com produced by writer/director Giddens Ko marks the second installment of his love trilogy since the his record breaking debut feature <You Were The Apple of My Eyes> three year after, both from the adaptation online novel and aims to be a summer hit in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Humorous slapstick can always be found in Ko's plots to make his rom-com a little more light hearted by with a twist teary ending. That is Ko's signature story telling and direction despite this time he move away from his seat to his working partner Chiang Chin-lin and this time with a little supernatural powers and "ghosts". The beginning of the movie may also let you relate to Pang Ho-Cheung's movie genre with a little haunting starts and then leads to a group of people sharing the untrue "rumours". Ko may have been watching some of the late Hong Kong movie productions to add a scene or two as such to suit the Hong Kong's audiences. A-Tuo who played by the young and talented Bruce was very well casted for the role. Gangster mediator Brother Bao (Lee Luo) and sexy Auntie Jindao (Pauline Lan) also creates some sparks in between each other. We particularly love the movie in a movie made in the 60's style relate to the love hate relation between two lovers. It was hilariously a well insertion to explain love in different generation. Another highlight of the movie is to see the veteran former pop Hong Kong singer Vivian Chow appearing on big screen again after so long, that was a plus for her fans for sure. The story is a little draggy this time for not going straight to the point leave a slight disappointment for a slick proceeding.

Rating : 2.5/5

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