BREMONT Opens First Boutique in Hong Kong

BREMONT invited “The Queen” to its first Hong Kong boutique opening cocktail party to share “her” secret mission at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. “She” had to ride a helicopter with James Bond 007 and parachute into the stadium. Little did we know back then, “The Queen” was actually a stunt double played by famous British stuntman Gary “Wingman” Connery. Connery shared his shining moment of being “Queenie”, as well as his other outstanding experiences in wingsuit jumping accompanied by his reliable partner: the Bremont MBII.

One of the best-known stunts Connery has performed with his record-breaking wingsuit flight in 2012 where he was the first person to jump from an aircraft and land unaided with no parachute. Bremont is proud to have sponsored Gary’s extraordinary stunt, something that he had been planning for many years. Connery leaped from a helicopter at a height of 2,400 feet wearing only his wingsuit, and landed “softly and comfortably” on a rig built from over 10,000 empty cardboard boxes without using a parachute. Despite having been ‘Tested Beyond Endurance’, withstanding immense shocks, his MBII continues to function perfectly with only minor scratches.

“It has been an ambition of mine to try jumping in a wingsuit without wearing a parachute, and I was more than pleased to have Bremont helping my dream come true. It was a remarkable experience and I am happy to share my success with the world. I’m even more thrilled to always have my best partner with me for all of my jumps – my Bremont MBII watch. Bremont has always been persistent in pursuing top quality and creativity, and my MBII has successfully proven the exceptional quality of Bremont timepieces.

Despite being on my wrist every time I perform jumps, my MBII still functions extremely well. It is truly remarkable, given the enormous shocks it has to endure. I am proud to be able to work with such an amazing watch brand.” Connery commented.