Somerset Meadow® @ The New Fragrance Collection By Crabtree & Evelyn®

Somerset Meadow®, the New Fragrance collection by Crabtree & Evelyn® joining the well-loved ranges of Nantucket Briar® and Summer Hill® in their celebration of sumptuous flowers and idyllic settings, this charming trio of scents, each infused into its own array of bath and body treasures offers everyday luxurious treats. The light green, fruity-floral scent of Somerset Meadow is an aromatic impression of a beautiful English landscape in bloom. Of all England’s natural beauties, the meadows and rich grasslands of Somerset, sanctuaries of wild loveliness, have long been revered. Across the rolling hills and sweeping flat expanses, flora and fauna exist in a haven of harmony. Weeping willows, delicate papery-white blossoms, trails of ivy and sun-ripe fruits mingle where they may in an exuberant celebration of the season. With a mood that’s part serene and a touch surreal, Somerset Meadow captures this idyllic landscape in a fresh, bright and joyful scent with a whimsical and romantic edge. Blending a spirit of ‘joie de vivre’ and nature at its most simple and spectacular, Somerset Meadow is a delight to wear on the skin. The scent of sparkling bergamot and dew-kissed blackberry buds is refreshing and tart, its juicy sweetness perfectly balanced with the bitter greens of ivy and fern. A heart of white blossoms, water lily and earthy geranium flourishes as if warmed by the morning sun. The scent of leaf, grass and fragrant petals are suffused by creamy clouds of musk, whilst willow and moss tether all the casually floating notes close to the skin and bring a soft, sensuous touch.

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