MCM @ SS2013 Armour Collection

 MCM SS2013 Armour Collection inspired by the time-honoured accoutrements of knights who protected European royal nobility during the Middle Ages, the unique design of the ARMOUR Collection’s is derived from their traditional ornately scaled plate armours. Customarily designed based scales, MCM’s creative reinterpretation furthers the notion of guardianship from the unvarnished to the conceptual. Today’s contemporary interpretation finds similarities in snakes scales, symbolising the steadfast evolution of rarity and nobility. Featuring on-trend genuine exotic leathers, the Armour Collection continues its age old tale into the 21st century.
MCM’s timeless Visetos material is merged with a unique python pattern, embellished with a rainfall of studs on its shingly surface. Conjoined with the python-embossed surface, the studs serve both protective and decorative purposes garnering a rare design exuding a bold, exotic-chic façade. The symbolic collection is bestowed with an unusual and generous landscape of mini & cone-shaped studs, boasting a maximalist, tough-lux aesthetic.
The ARMOUR Collection conceives new frontiers of expression, boldness, and individuality, articulated through darkly romantic styles and a self-assured passion for distinction. Utilising audaciously exotic materials, valiant hardware and brave patterns, the daringly sophisticated collection upgrades urban-style fashion to a rock-chic aesthetics. 
The ARMOUR collection presents a variety of accessories such as pouches of varied styles, an interchangeable drawstring-shopper, purses, bracelets, and belts expressing a passion for opulence, embracing undertones of grandeur with confidence.

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