When passion turns into innovation, the art of science is formed. Heralding the cocktails and drinking culture in Hong Kong’s bar scene, by just drinking can't quench your thirst anymore. Hence, The WOODS, a new experiential concept bar elevates cocktails into a culinary art form brighten up the SoHo neighborhood by offering a full experience through taste, sight, touch and smell, while, at the same time, enhancing their appreciation of art and aesthetics. Owned by the three Chow sisters – Victoria, its Founder; Juliette, its Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer and Regina, its Co-Founder and Creative Director. While the trio have pursued very different careers, they share the same entrepreneurial spirit and have all built their own businesses. The Woods assembles each of their expertise: Victoria is experienced in event management and brand marketing, Juliette is an investment banker and Regina is an architect and interior designer. Together with their passion for art, fine wines and liquors, creative ideas and business acumen, they have taken their first step into the food and beverage industry. This 1 Bar houses 2 concepts runs by 3 sisters is now the new hang out in town. Welcome to The Woods' sisterhood......

Furnished with the theme of nature in mind, the entrance hand-blown glass sculpture evoking the images of leaves, roots, branches and light filtered through foliage. This work of art was crafted by New York based glass and light specialists flew to Hong Kong for the installation. The floor is paved with tessellated marble, creating a pattern that resembles fallen leaves, which transitions into concrete surfaces to represent rocks and stones, finally making way for wood material that runs up the wall. The interior is a striking blend of the raw beauty of nature with urban refinement.

The Woods houses two concepts: The Lounge Area serves classic cocktails with The Woods’ twist, featuring house-infused spirits, homemade syrups and freshly squeezed juices. Seasonal cocktail menu that showcases the market-fresh ingredients at their peak combined with carefully curated spirits in four seasons. Innovative cocktails such as <Caprese> and the <Watermelon Cilantro> have already generated a strong following. <Market-Fresh Special> where the beverage is prepared from the freshest ingredients found that day with a surprise twist.

The Prix-Fixe Bar sits eight with a white marble top, it is where the show take place. A four-course Prix-Fixe menu of cocktails, comprising of an appetizer, a main, a dessert and a digestif of choice. The inaugural menu includes the <Basil ‘Smash’> appetizer and the <Bacon Bourbon Luge> main course. The cocktails are the star, and the food is just the pairing. The Mixologist will introduce each concoction, demonstrating how the drinks are prepared before being served in sleek, architecturally inspired glassware. The Prix-Fixe menu will be changed every six to eight weeks based on seasonal ingredients and brand collaborations

<The Caprese>
One of the many signature cocktails, this eatable Caprese salad-inspired cocktail is created with vodka, fresh tomato water (filtered overnight), aged balsamic vinegar, and a medley of cherry tomatoes and basil chiffonades. It tastes like a salad in a glass, at once savoury and refreshing. The cocktail itself is presented in a small decanter so the garnishes can be admired. Probably the first eatable drink being introduced in town.

<Gin Basil ‘Smash’> a.k.a. The Appetizer
The citrus notes of the Sipsmith gin work superbly with the Thai and Sweet Basil muddled into the cocktail. In a literal take on the neo-classic Gin Basil Smash recipe, a hollow ice sphere is filled with the cocktail using a syringe and drinkers get to smash the ball open with a small hammer to release the liquid into a glass. Striking presentation and a refreshing start to the ‘meal’! It is refreshing, appetizing and the honey sweeten the watermelon makes a perfect balance for this cocktail.

<Bacon Bourbon> a.k.a. The Main Course
   Bacon is infused with bourbon in an overnight process. The alcohol is smoothed with maple syrup and egg white, with black pepper and five-spice powder to complement the bacon, resulting in a hearty, savoury cocktail. The pairing for this drink is a roasted bone marrow. When you are done eating it, the hollowed-out bone can be used to funnel the cocktail into your mouth like a luge, carrying with it the richness of the marrow residue. Napkin is totally required for this trial, as you won't want to mess up your nice evening cocktail dress or suit on a perfect date night out. It is muscular yet untidy.

<Absinthe Floss> a.k.a. Dessert 
Absinthe is traditionally served poured over a sugar cube. At The Woods, it replaces the sugar cube with candy floss. An unusual combination of flavours comes together to form a delightful dessert drink. The liquid is poured over the candy floss which melts right into the cocktail! It is fun and playful. Have your kid's heart out.

<Tea Infusion> a.k.a. Digestif
This digestif inspired by Asian flavours, gin is infused with Jasmine tea, lemongrass, galangal, and lemon peel. This is done in a double chamber infusion siphon, a visual show in itself. Is it this the best way to end the evening? We reserve the benefit of doubt as this is rather powerful and forceful ending. Warning!! Drink responsively!

Ambience: 4/5
Food & Beverages: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5

Address: L/G, 17 Hollywood Road, 
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2522-0281