FENDI Presents @ Weapon of Choice

FENDI presents the <Weapon of Choice> new video featuring the men's FW2014/15 collection designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi. Set between the massive slabs of a white marble quarry, shot by up-and-coming Italian filmmaker Alex Tacchi. Trapped inside the abstract geometries of the veined walls, chiseled by water and time, a man wanders around seeking for an exit, a passage that will lead him away from this suggestive cage. Restless yet in-control, this young man with a veiled sense of humor is immortalized in all his pragmatic and luxurious elegance by the cameras zooming in and out, at times rotating upside down, to capture the smallest pattern, the quirkiest detail and the deepest texture which shows a luxuriously high quality, in a slight friction with the functional pureness of the design, igniting energy throughout the FENDI Men’s Collection.

The video accentuates the primitive vibe that runs throughout the collection, the ideal wardrobe for urban expeditions. The imposing marble backdrop, in fact, sets off the season’s novelty statement pieces, from distorted Prince of Wales suits to a taut mock croc calfskin biker jacket tossed over slim pants. Fur, a quintessential Fendi staple, crops up as a plush mink sweater or shaggy vest. In a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, the new Peekaboo bag for men, complete with preciously quirky charms, and high-gloss lace-ups with chunky silver soles are the ultimate on the accessories front. The secret weapon for the FENDI multi-faceted man is his sense of humor: a pervasive lightness of spirit.