CAOLION @ Korean Pore Care Expert Pure Natural Herbal Ingredients Perfect For All Skin Types

CAOLION stays No. 1 pore care expert in Korea and popular natural skincare and cosmetic brand designed for all skin types, debuts in Hong Kong, bringing four best-selling pore care masks Blackhead Steam Pore Pack, Pore Original Pack, Pore White Cake Pack and Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack fresh from Korea. Established in Korea in 1995, CAOLION was founded by Jinyoung Joo with a strong belief in “all skin problems start from pores” and “what’s edible would not harm skin”. CAOLION made history and marked a new era of an all-natural, hypoallergenic skincare and cosmetic industry in Korea. In pursuit of healthy, green and natural skincare with advanced research and development, the brand has developed a wide range of popular skincare, cosmetics, hair and body care products, winning most distinguished recognition for its pore care masks. All CAOLION products are free of 18 different artificial additives and have detox care effects, which help restore the natural beauty of healthy skin by deeply detoxifying and freeing the skin of all impurities and toxins. To date, it is the only brand in Korea that is able to maintain 1 million loyal customers and it is also the most popular brand in the South Korean military. “I had abnormally sensitive skin and tried all top cosmetic brands which even led to more irritation. Eventually I founded CAOLION, and promote safe and natural ingredients used in cosmetics. We do not manufacture products that deliver only temporary results, but long-lasting results,” said Jinyoung Joo, Founder and Chairwoman of CAOLION.